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8 September 2023 Newsletter

Kia Ora Tatou
It has been good to start the week with all students attending and an opportunity to speak to senior students about the practice exams that started this week. All senior students have been advised that it is vital that they attend these practice exams. The grades generated may be used if they are not able to sit the external exams in November because of genuine illness or impaired performance. Students who may have missed exams this week will have an opportunity to complete a catch up exam next week.
Senior Options
Senior options have now been collected and we have started the process of creating the timetable for 2024. It is good to see that so many senior students are opting to return for Year 12 and 13 in 2024. From the option selection it is clear that many are wanting to further their qualifications.
As a reminder, in January 2024, we will host two days of course confirmation for students entering Y11-13. We know that students will change their minds with regards to their option selection as their aspirations change or their results may influence their selections. It is important that students and whanau do attend these course confirmation meetings.
Year 9 students for 2024
This week we have been meeting the new students who will be our Year 9 students in 2024. We anticipate having a large intake next year. This does reflect the positive attitude that students and parents have of South Otago High School. We are also aware that there may be families who are, as yet, undecided as to where their child should attend school next year. Parents and students are welcome to make an appointment to visit the school and discuss what we are able to offer students in our community.
Sports and Cultural Photographs
On Tuesday we completed the sports and cultural photographs. This is now a full day exercise and it is impressive to see so many students coming forward to have their photograph taken as  members of a team or representing the school in extra curricular activities. Participation in activities outside of the formal school learning environment is important. It is an opportunity for informal learning to take place where students can learn to lead and work as a team.
South Otago High School does provide a broad range of activities for students to be able to participate in and this is well supported by both the teaching staff and our community.
Next week we have the last of the practice NCEA exams and catch ups. Teachers have already started marking papers and are preparing feedback. I anticipate that next week students will start to receive that feedback. It is important that students do act upon the advice given in order that they may achieve to the best of their ability in the assessments at the end of the year.
As a reminder, study leave for seniors finishes on Tuesday and everyone is back in normal classes on Wednesday. Any catch up exams will be organised by Mr Douglas on Wednesday.
Ka kite ano

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