Please read the SOHS Newsletter for the 26 August 2022
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Dear Parents/Caregivers
Kia Ora Tatou

This week we are rolling out a format for the school newsletter. The decision to change the newsletter format has been made to make it more accessible and also reduce the workload in school for the preparation and presentation.

Whilst the new format may have some teething problems as we move a new system we would appreciate feedback from the community on ways that we can continue to improve our communication to parents and the wider community.

This weeks newsletter will just be a brief edition as we prepare a more detailed report for next week.

Full school assemblies
We are now in the second week of holding full school assemblies and what a difference it makes! This week I couldn’t help that notice that the hall looked to have more students which is an optimistic sign that we may have turned a corner with winter illness! Following the assembly I received positive feedback on the clear and consistent messaging that is going to all students.

Anecdotally, it also feels that the school is more settled and the message regarding our school values is making a difference. 

Tournament week
Next week we have a number of teams travelling for the Schools Winter Tournament Week. Whilst there will be a number of students away from classes learning will be continuing as normal. For students who are not representing the school during the competition, it is important that they attend school and their regular classes.

Special Olympics
On Wednesday a group of our students travelled to Dunedin to compete in the Special Olympics sports tournament. This is a valuable opportunity for students to have the opportunity to travel for sport and associate and socialise with students from other schools. Well done to our students who had a great day at the Edgar Centre.

Boys Rugby
Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend two great rugby games at South Otago High School and was rewarded by seeing both teams win their respective games. The students who took to the field played with pride and determination. Congratulations to both the players that took to the field and also to the volunteer coaches and managers who have encouraged and supported the boys during the season.

This week I have been meeting with teachers as I carry out a review and prepare for our strategic plan for the future. One teacher who has worked in a variety of schools said that this has been his favourite and the school that he has had the enjoyed working in the most. Whilst I know that we all have frustrations from time to time it was a good reminder to look at the positives and how much we can achieve when we work together.

Another reflection from the review process was the steady achievement of our students, despite the disruptions. The variety of opportunities that are offered to students, the retention of young people into years 12 and 13 and the successful outcomes as they progress from school to employment, training and tertiary study.

I am so proud of what we all achieve by working together.

Ka kite ano
Mike Wright

Principal Sohs 117

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